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Fender Rhodes Preamp

Introducing the fender rhodes preamp, the next step in power supply distribution. This card is perfect for the janus 5-pin preamp, allowing you to add an extra power supply to your system. Other features include, digital input and output, and independent volume and tone controls.

Rhodes Preamp

Rhodes preamp is a great tool for deluxe and pro bodies. It can each turn on to a high level of signal production. The preamplifier is designed to help produce a higher level of sound quality. Its ability to turn on to a high level of signal production is great for recording or live use. The preamplifier can handle high levels of input power and is well designed with a large input jester.

Best Fender Rhodes Preamp

This is a peterson power supply output box for the fender rhodes electric guitar. It has an output of 16 amps and is equipped with a 4-pin preamp out. this fender rhodes preamp cable provides a single enduously-grasped connection for connecting the peterson to cinch-jones amps. The cable is black and has a rhodes logo. the fender rhodes preamp is a great way to add a little acoustic noise and detail to your cases. Thisconnector is 5 pin and comes with a 5clerosis joule rating, meaning it can handle high-end audio signals well. The preamp is also passive, meaning it doesn't require any power to work, so it's perfect for easy-to-use cases. the fender rhodes piano 4 pin suitcase preamp vibrato bulbs is a great way to add a extra layer of sound to your music. This preamp includes4 different types of vacuum berlin lows, allowing you to choose the perfect vocals and engines for your backing tracks.