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Blackbird Vacuum Tube Preamp

The blackbird sr-71 tube preamp is perfect for using with guitars to give an extra bit of weight and intensity to your playing. This guitar effect pedal has two 18-inch temperature control panels to choose from, each with a different sound. It also includes a line-level input so you can easily connect to your computer or audio interface.

Blackbird Preamp

The blackbird preamp is a must-have for any preamp needs. Its simple, modern look and feel makes it perfect for most preamp applications. The blackbird preamp has a modern look and feel that makes it perfect for most applications.

Blackbird Vacuum Tube Guitar Preamp

The blackbird sr-71 tube preamp is an effective and efficient effect pedal that will help you sound like a pro. With its two channels, you can set the preamp to help you grow morestage control, or increase the power of your guitar effect pedal is great for playing jazz, bluegrass, or other genres of rock and blues. the blackbird vacuum tube preamp is perfect for playing electronic and acoustic music. It has two channels to provide boston-style amp sounds or flamed maple details for more electric taste. The sound is punchy and forward, while therme 16-bit bus provides high-level access to your computer's drive channel. The sr-71's onboard mic and 2- inch jitter are also compatible with other mvs-based guitars. It has two channels to give you the perfect sound for your music. The effect is easy to use and you can control your sound with just one hand. The blackbird vacuum tube preamp is the perfect tool for both home recording and live performance. It offers two channels to manage both left and right hand equal temperament, which provides accurate and natural sound. The sr-71's are expert at a new level of low end, making them perfect for lead and background venues.